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The Road To Life..
Theres a long dark strech on South Park, I prefer not to ride at night.. The more I think of it the more I wonder, Why do I avoid the dark in the road? Is it because I don't know what to do? or could it be my wondering imagination? Not quite sure, but I'm going to find out tonight! I ride the streets of South Buffalo on a nightly basis. Weather don't hold me back. Im out rain or shine.
Im still looking for someone to share my "playground" with, some one who will come and take me by suprise. The nigth sky is very relaxing, and I know a place were the waters calm, the sky is open and theres not much traffic. Its a small walk or bike ride but its a special place to me. I wish I could find someone who would go there with me and just gaze at the moon or walk by the water.
I'm finding new ways to deal with the stress I've been under... Been feeling a little better but not too much as when something gets better something else goes wrong. Like a never ending circle, but I guess thats life?
Things with my sister are back on a downward hill... She says she isn't doing drugs but I know she is. I walked in here room this morning to get the chin for the bike and it smelled like smoke... but not ciggrett smoke. My mom and he boyfriend now both have full time jobs and I get stuck home cleaning the house... Oh well.
Still on a quest to meet sum local friends I can snuggle with and talk to. I'm trying my hardest to move out of the house with my mom and out on my own by the end of the year.
Not sure what else to put here so I'll leave off with one note.
"Don't piss off a dragon having a bad hair day."


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