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Thought after a week and a lot going through my mind I would put some thing here. Well I'm still pretty anti-social. Thoe I have met a kid thats around here. Hes from the German army, thoe hes retiered. Hes pretty cool thoe I'm not planning on opening up any time soon. I actually have been folding in... Been under alot of stress lately, which has taken a bad toll on my health. I went through a half a pack of cigeretts last night, havenet been eating much the past few days either. My nets been touch and go when it wants to work. I'm in constant fear of loosing touch with my mate. If we loose touch thats when every thing goes south. I havent talked to two of my online brothers in sum time... I hope there oaky. I have been sleeping alot as I going through my problems. Right now I'm like an engin of a car thats over heating.. it shuts down to try and protect its self.. as forth me sleeping alot is to chelter myslef from the harm I may cause


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