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razor14150's Journal

20 June
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  • razor14150@livejournal.com
Hey, my buddy D Bandit said I should get a LJ so I finally have. Mainly I'm going to put things up that are bothering me and whats going on In life. Well I don't really know what to put here so maybe one of the common sites I'm on can help ya or just IM me on yahoo or aim.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/Razor14150
YC: you can commonly find me on as Rascle
Skype: Razor14150
Aim: Razor14150@aim.com
YIM: Rascle14150
Stickam: Razor14206

Most common to find me on AIM, YIM, or myspace. If I don't respond right away, forgive me I leave them up when I go to sleep and forget to change my status to busy/away.
3 days grace, computer/eletrical work, creed, djing, gaming, gigi d'agustino, i am a furry, movies: war or racing, nickleback, nvn nations, shiloh, t-pain